Commit a6cc8c8d authored by stskeeps's avatar stskeeps

Add armv7tnhl port

Signed-off-by: stskeeps's avatarCarsten Munk <>
Change-Id: Ia099ee9f1acbbbe97d504ae181c3ffbd66a6256a
parent 9b430405
arch i486 targets armv6l:inject armv7l:inject armv7hl:inject mipsel:inject
\ No newline at end of file
arch i486 targets armv6l:inject armv7l:inject armv7hl:inject armv7tnhl:inject mipsel:inject
\ No newline at end of file
ARCHS="armv6l armv7l armv7hl mipsel"
ARCHS="armv6l armv7l armv7hl armv7tnhl mipsel"
echo -n "arch i486 targets " > baselibs.conf
for x in $ARCHS; do
from Config import *
%define __strip /bin/true
%define architecture_target armv7tnhl
%define _build_name_fmt %%{ARCH}/%%{NAME}-%%{VERSION}-%%{RELEASE}.%%{ARCH}.dontuse.rpm
%define packages_in_tools fakeroot bash bzip2 bzip2-libs coreutils db4 diffutils elfutils elfutils-libs elfutils-libelf fdupes file-libs filesystem glibc glibc-common groff libacl libattr libcap libgcc liblua libstdc++ ncurses-libs nspr nss nss-softokn-freebl pam popt readline rpm rpm rpm-build rpm-build rpm-devel rpm-libs rpm-libs sed setup sqlite tar xz-libs zlib perl perl-libs util-linux libblkid libuuid grep pcre scratchbox2 gawk glib2 file net-tools glibc-devel gcc libgomp glibc-headers kernel-headers binutils cpp mpc mpfr gmp findutils cpio rpmlint-mini make m4 gzip libcap openssl-libs qemu-usermode autoconf automake
%define cross_compilers cross-armv7tnhl-gcc cross-armv7tnhl-binutils
Name: sb2-tools-armv7tnhl
Version: 1.0
Release: 1
AutoReqProv: 0
BuildRequires: rpm grep tar patchelf sed
BuildRequires: %packages_in_tools
BuildRequires: %cross_compilers
ExclusiveArch: %{ix86}
# no auto requirements - they're generated
License: BSD
Group: Development/Tools
Summary: SB2 cross tools
This is a package providing %packages_in_tools %cross_compilers for SB2 tools directory
It is not intended to be used in a normal system!
#set +x -e
mkdir -p %buildroot
rpm -ql %packages_in_tools %cross_compilers > filestoinclude1
cat > filestoignore << EOF
grep -vf filestoignore filestoinclude1 | sort | uniq > filestoinclude2
tar --no-recursion -T filestoinclude2 -cpf - | ( cd %buildroot && fakeroot tar -xvpf - )
mkdir -p %buildroot/root/
mkdir -p %buildroot/var/lib/rpm/
mkdir -p %buildroot/etc/
touch %buildroot/etc/securetty
mkdir -p %buildroot/var/cache/ldconfig/
mkdir -p %buildroot/var/lock/subsys
for arg; do
# arg=${arg//\$/\$} # already needs quoting ;(
# arg=${arg/\"/\\\"} # dito
# arg=${arg//\`/\`} # dito
echo "$arg"
echo "Creating baselibs_new.conf"
echo ""
rm -rRf /tmp/baselibs_new.conf || true
shellquote "arch i486 targets armv7tnhl:inject" >> /tmp/baselibs_new.conf
shellquote "%{name}" >> /tmp/baselibs_new.conf
shellquote " targettype x86 block!" >> /tmp/baselibs_new.conf
shellquote " targettype 32bit block!" >> /tmp/baselibs_new.conf
shellquote " targettype inject autoreqprov off" >> /tmp/baselibs_new.conf
shellquote " targettype inject extension -inject" >> /tmp/baselibs_new.conf
shellquote " targettype inject +/" >> /tmp/baselibs_new.conf
shellquote " targettype inject -%{_mandir}" >> /tmp/baselibs_new.conf
shellquote " targettype inject -%{_docdir}" >> /tmp/baselibs_new.conf
shellquote " targettype inject config -/sb2-config$" >> /tmp/baselibs_new.conf
cat /tmp/baselibs_new.conf > %{_sourcedir}/baselibs.conf
%files -f filestoinclude2
%dir /root/
%dir /var/lib/rpm/
%dir /var/cache/ldconfig/
\ No newline at end of file
* Fri Sep 7 2012 Carsten Munk <> - 1.0
- Add armv7tnhl port
* Fri Jun 1 2012 Carsten Munk <> - 1.0
- Fix MER#349, caused by openssl libs relocation
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