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    [nemo-systemsettings] Add UserModel. Fixes JB#49173 · 6eab714d
    Tomi Leppänen authored
    Implement model that lists users and allows creating, removing and
    changing their names. Users are listed with libc operations while
    changing them requires user-managerd DBus daemon. Information is also
    updated when users are changed through user-managerd. Note that UserInfo
    doesn't have guarantees of keeping the user in sync unless UserModel is
    User creation happens through placeholder element that must be used to
    set user's full name before calling createUser. Placeholder is always
    the last row of the user list.
    Signed-off-by: Tomi Leppänen's avatarTomi Leppänen <tomi.leppanen@jolla.com>
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