Commit 64211015 authored by Piotr Tworek's avatar Piotr Tworek

[embedlite-components] Tweak UA override for Fixes JB#31713

It seems youtube has changed it user agent recognition logic again which
results in sailfish-browser receiving content which relies on external
android youtube app for actual video playback. This basically breaks
youtube playback on sailfish.

The fix seems to be rather simple. Don't drop Maemo and Mobile keywords
from the UA. When youtube servers get UA with Android, Maemo and Mobile
keywords they again give us version of the page with HTML5 video
parent aca0667e
......@@ -98,11 +98,7 @@ var UserAgent = {
if (!ua.contains("Android")) {
// Nexus 7 Android chrome has best capabilities
if (ua.contains("Mobile")) {
return ua.replace("Linux", "Android 4.4.2").replace("Unix", "Android 4.4.2").replace("Mobile", "").replace("Maemo", "");
} else {
return ua.replace("Linux", "Android 4.4.2").replace("Unix", "Android 4.4.2");
return ua.replace("Linux", "Android 4.4.2").replace("Unix", "Android 4.4.2");
} else if (this.NOKIA_HERE_DOMAIN.test( {
// Send the phone UA to here
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