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    • Raine Makelainen's avatar
      [embedlite-components] Send content orientation changed message to chrome. Fixes JB#35447 · 5502b1e9
      Raine Makelainen authored
      Send "embed:contentOrientationChanged" message to chrome after
      content has been resized after orientation change. Changing orientation
      between mirrored orientations (primary to secondary or other way
      round) is cheap and does not trigger reflow. Thus, those can
      be send back to chrome immediately.
      There is a 200ms fallback timer that guarantees that we send the
      orientation change eventually. Noticed for instance that full
      screen video playback orientation change did not always trigger
      resizing while it should have been triggered.
      This is inspited by B2G's OrientationChangeHandler.jsm.
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    • Raine Makelainen's avatar
      [embedlite-components] Add support for site specific UA override. Contributes to JB#34904 · 36edc894
      Raine Makelainen authored
      This makes possible to use general.useragent.override.* overrides
      with simple replace syntax given that complex override is not applied.
      Instantiation of the UserAgent is deferred a bit so that we do not
      end up initializing UserAgentOverrides before general.useragent.override
      is applied. As UserAgent was initialized on that application startup,
      the simple hash separated user agent fixing did not work. This happened
      because nsIHttpProtocolHandler was not yet aware of the override.
      Thus, causing UserAgentOverrides to fail to replace ua.
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    • Dmitry Rozhkov's avatar
      [loginmanager] Initialize nsLoginManager only after profile is accessible · ac1983c8
      Dmitry Rozhkov authored
      At least since Gecko38 nsLoginManager tries to initialize storage is a
      part of its initialization procedure. But the storage can't be
      initialized until the user profile is available for a component.
      It's a wrong assumption that the profile is available upon the
      "app-startup" notification. In fact the availability of the profile
      is announced with the "profile-after-change" notification.
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    • Piotr Tworek's avatar
      [embedlite-components] Tweak UA override for youtube.com. Fixes JB#31713 · 64211015
      Piotr Tworek authored
      It seems youtube has changed it user agent recognition logic again which
      results in sailfish-browser receiving content which relies on external
      android youtube app for actual video playback. This basically breaks
      youtube playback on sailfish.
      The fix seems to be rather simple. Don't drop Maemo and Mobile keywords
      from the UA. When youtube servers get UA with Android, Maemo and Mobile
      keywords they again give us version of the page with HTML5 video
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    • Dmitry Rozhkov's avatar
      [embedlite-component] Avoid repeating permission request · 26b37722
      Dmitry Rozhkov authored
      It might happen that WebView needlessly requests a permission from a user.
      For example this happens often when WebView gets focus right after the user
      accepts geolocation permission dialog, but her reply hasn't reached WebView yet.
      In order to avoid opening a new permission dialog for requests for
      the same URL AND of the same type we cache them together under the same key
      and trigger a user dialog only once per such key. The requests cached
      under the same key are either allowed or canceled alltogether at the same time.
  24. 30 Jul, 2014 2 commits