Commit d71de1f2 authored by chriadam's avatar chriadam

Merge branch 'jb38028' into 'master'

[embedlite-components] Fix "permissions" typo. Contributes to JB#38028

See merge request !31
parents 355012b4 27acd33f
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ ContentPermissionPrompt.prototype = {
let types = request.types.QueryInterface(Ci.nsIArray);
let perm = types.queryElementAt(0, Ci.nsIContentPermissionType);
Services.embedlite.removeMessageListener("embedui:premissions", this);
Services.embedlite.removeMessageListener("embedui:permissions", this);
let entityName = kEntities[perm.type];
if (ret.allow) {
// If the user checked "Don't ask again", make a permanent exception
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ ContentPermissionPrompt.prototype = {
let entityName = kEntities[perm.type];
Services.embedlite.addMessageListener("embedui:premissions", this);
Services.embedlite.addMessageListener("embedui:permissions", this);
var winid = Services.embedlite.getIDByWindow(request.window);
Services.embedlite.sendAsyncMessage(winid, "embed:permissions",
JSON.stringify({title: entityName,
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