Commit 7b7c92e2 authored by Raine Makelainen's avatar Raine Makelainen

[embedlite-components] Report orientation change for all docshells. Fixes JB#36210

Turns out that sailfish-browser regressed due to this when
orientation change and switching tab was executed right after each
parent d2b74d00
......@@ -43,13 +43,6 @@ OrientationChangeHandler.prototype = {
handleOrientationChange: function(evt) {
let that = this;
// Report orientation change only for the active doc shell.
// Chrome / embedder side controls if doc shell is active or not (e.i. tab active).
if (!that.docShell || !that.docShell.isActive) {
let newOrientation = that._targetWindow.screen.mozOrientation;
let fullSwitch = (newOrientation.split("-")[0] ==
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