Commit 42ac7a31 authored by Ivaylo Dimitrov's avatar Ivaylo Dimitrov

Revert "PYTHON not defined in Mer, use it directly"

This reverts commit 6e5f56e6.
parent 6e5f56e6
......@@ -18,5 +18,5 @@ libhistory_la_LIBADD = \
IDL = nsIEmbedLiteHistory
EmbedHistoryListener.cpp: $(IDL).h
$(IDL).h: $(IDL).idl
python $(SDK_DIR)/sdk/bin/ -I$(IDL_DIR) -I. $(srcdir)/$(IDL).idl -o $(IDL).h
python $(SDK_DIR)/sdk/bin/ -I$(IDL_DIR) -I. $(srcdir)/$(IDL).idl -o $(IDL).xpt
$(PYTHON) $(SDK_DIR)/sdk/bin/ -I$(IDL_DIR) -I. $(srcdir)/$(IDL).idl -o $(IDL).h
$(PYTHON) $(SDK_DIR)/sdk/bin/ -I$(IDL_DIR) -I. $(srcdir)/$(IDL).idl -o $(IDL).xpt
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