Commit 1d8a30b6 authored by coderus's avatar coderus

Do not use json for unicode strings. Light workaround.

parent 57aedd56
......@@ -125,10 +125,7 @@ nsEmbedClipboard::Observe(nsISupports *aSubject, const char *aTopic, const PRUni
if (!strcmp(aTopic, "embedui:clipboard")) {
mObserverService->RemoveObserver(this, "embedui:clipboard");
nsCOMPtr<nsIEmbedLiteJSON> json = do_GetService(";1");
nsCOMPtr<nsIPropertyBag2> root;
NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(json->ParseJSON(nsDependentString(aData), getter_AddRefs(root)), NS_ERROR_FAILURE);
root->GetPropertyAsAString(NS_LITERAL_STRING("clipboard"), mBuffer);
else if (!strcmp(aTopic, "outer-window-destroyed")) {
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