Commit 6d034809 authored by Thomas Perl's avatar Thomas Perl

[diskusage] Allow measuring /data/media/ usage via /home/

parent af830ad8
......@@ -65,6 +65,14 @@ static quint64 calculateSize(QString directory, QString *expandedPath)
*expandedPath = directory;
// "/data/media/" is mounted in "/home/nemo/android_storage/" with read
// access for the "nemo" user ("/data/media/" itself isn't readable);
// Mounted via FUSE and /system/bin/sdcard, see here:
if (directory == "/data/media/") {
directory = "/home/nemo/android_storage/";
QDir d(directory);
if (!d.exists() || !d.isReadable()) {
return 0L;
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