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    [qtcontacts-sqlite] Improve DLG plugin interface. Contributes to JB#44742 · 367e4b50
    chriadam authored
    This commit improves the display label group plugin interface by
    allowing plugins to report whether the specified locale is a
    preferred locale for them, rather than merely valid, as some
    plugins may work in multiple locales but should be preferentially
    used (e.g. to determine the default display label groups) for
    a subset of those locales.
    For example, a pinyin grouping plugin might be valid in all locales
    but preferred in locales which use Simplified Han writing script.
    The database now populates the "default" supported display label
    groups from the highest priority preferred plugin rather than
    the highest priority valid plugin (falling back to highest priority
    valid plugin if no preferred plugins exist for the current locale).
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