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  5. 13 Nov, 2017 3 commits
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      [qtcontacts-sqlite] Mark method overrides · 99358cfc
      mardy authored
      Add the "override" keyword to virtual method implementations. This will
      turn out to be helpful when upgrading to a new QtPim version: since
      sometimes QtPim changes the signature of virtual methods, the override
      keyword guarantees that we'll get an error when our methods stop being
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      [qtcontacts-sqlite] Run tests with "make check" · 88b2aeb7
      mardy authored
      Add a "check" target, so that tests can be run uninstalled, with "make
      check". In the .pro files, define the TARGET variable before including
      the common.pri file, which needs this variable to define the command to
      be executed.
      In order for the tests to load the plugin, it needs to be moved into a
      "contacts" subdirectory; do this with the DESTDIR variable.
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      Merge branch 'removed-unused-static' into 'master' · 3f3577e6
      chriadam authored
      [qtcontacts-sqlite-extensions] removed unused static function
      See merge request !8
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  9. 21 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      Merge branch 'master' into 'master' · 6c568900
      Andrew Branson authored
      [Qt] QFlag won't take a ulong on an LP64 environment. Contributes JB#36790
      QFlag has several constructors, and they all just convert to an int anyway.
      See merge request !6
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      [qtcontacts-sqlite] Allow enum property extensions to be stored. Contributes to MER#1368 · 4b06f2f3
      mvogt authored
      Due to the schema originating to support the QtMobility.Contacts API
      we store some properties in string form, when the qtpim API now uses
      user-extensible enum values. Passing all values through a translation
      step that only knows the predefined values causes extension values to
      be lost.
      To fix this problem, perform a schema upgrade in which all pre-existing
      text values are converted to the equivalent enum value. In some cases
      the column containing these values should be typed as INTEGER, when
      in fact it is typed as TEXT. To avoid changing the columns, the read
      and write routines for these columns manually translate between text
      and integral form.
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      Bump version · 262f3b57
      chriadam authored
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      Merge pull request #198 from nemomobile/fixunittest · bc047126
      chriadam authored
      [qtcontacts-sqlite] Improve handling of multiple sync target constituents. Contributes to MER#1053
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      [qtcontacts-sqlite] Improve handling of multiple sync target constituents. Contributes to MER#1053 · e497b560
      chriadam authored
      Previously, the syncUpdate() function built a mapping from the
      modified constituent to the appropriate sync target constituent,
      in order to affect the appropriate sync target constituent instead
      of the modified constituent.
      The function previously did not consider the possibility that
      multiple sync target constituents might be aggregated by a single
      aggregate contact, and thus the mapping was incomplete.
      This commit improves the mapping so that a modification to a
      sync target constituent will not be re-directed to modify a
      different sync target constituent (in the case where multiple
      STCs exist for that contact).
      It also improves the unit test to ensure that the state of the
      server-side contact cache managed by the test sync adapter is
      always consistent.
      Contributes to MER#1053