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    [messagingframework] QMailStorageAction::onlineMoveFolder implementation. Contributes to JB#41524 · bbca2929
    mnosovharman authored
    Additional fix for ImapClient::mailboxListed: avoid empty folder creations on following IMAP response
    * LIST (\Noselect) "/" "/"
    Additional fix for 'rename folder': when renaming top level folder - ancestor folder paths were not updated
    Additional fix for IMAP (setFolderFlags): for Spam folder, check attributes "\\Spam"
     and "\\Junk" (see rfc6154, Section 2)
    Additional fix for IMAP: in case of failure create/delete/rename/move - still need to decrease internal _inProgress counters. Otherwise, after failure - next actions will not ever be completed
    Addition for IMAP: don't allow create/rename when name contains IMAP delimiter (e.g. '/')
    Additional fix for IMAP: encode folder name on create/rename according to RFC 3501, section 5.1.3.
    Additional fix for ImapProtocol::quoteString: fix crash when folder name contains lots of '\\\\\'
    Additional fix for 'mailboxListed' - IMAP responses shall be 'unescaped' (in opposite to ImapProtocol::quoteString usage in IMAP requests)
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