Commit f5006050 authored by Slava Monich's avatar Slava Monich

Merge branch 'subparts' into 'master'

Some (rare) mails are not properly showing their attachments (not
Apple kind ones), as explained in MER#1574.

This is due to the fact that the routine that looks for attachments
works on one level only of mail subpart. The proposed MR adds a
recursive call to look for an attachment on any possible sub-level.

An example of non-working email is attached to the MER bug. This MR
corrects the behaviour for this mail.

See merge request !3
parents a7050dd7 7134c6b7
......@@ -1159,6 +1159,9 @@ namespace findAttachments
if (container.multipartType() == QMailMessagePart::MultipartMixed) {
inMultipartMixed(container, found, hasAttachments);
if (container.multipartType() == QMailMessagePart::MultipartAlternative) {
inMultipartMixed(container, found, hasAttachments);
if (container.multipartType() == QMailMessagePart::MultipartSigned) {
inMultipartSigned(container, found, hasAttachments);
......@@ -1206,6 +1209,10 @@ namespace findAttachments
case QMailMessagePart::MultipartNone:
inMultipartNone(part, found, hasAttachments);
case QMailMessagePart::MultipartMixed:
case QMailMessagePart::MultipartAlternative:
inMultipartMixed(part, found, hasAttachments);
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