Commit f316d4aa authored by Mark Adler's avatar Mark Adler

Add -M, --time option to store or restore the modification time.

This replaces the previous -M for --maxsplits with -J. (Hopefully
no one was using -M. Probably not.) This fills a hole left by the
change of -n, --no-name to also not store/restore the modification
time. Now -nM will store/restore the modification time, but not
the name. The full set of combinations is -n for neither, -N for
both, -nM for just the time, and -Nm for just the name. Note that
the order is important. -n or -N will overwrite the effect of a
preceding -m or -M. The default for compression is -N, and the
default for decompression is -n. So -N or -n can be left off for
those cases, respectively.
parent 33c140e5
......@@ -3909,12 +3909,13 @@ local char *helptext[] = {
" -h, --help Display a help screen and quit",
" -i, --independent Compress blocks independently for damage recovery",
" -I, --iterations n Number of iterations for -11 optimization",
" -J, --maxsplits n Maximum number of split blocks for -11",
" -k, --keep Do not delete original file after processing",
" -K, --zip Compress to PKWare zip (.zip) single entry format",
" -l, --list List the contents of the compressed input",
" -L, --license Display the pigz license and quit",
" -m, --no-time Do not store or restore mod time",
" -M, --maxsplits n Maximum number of split blocks for -11",
" -M, --time Store or restore mod time",
" -n, --no-name Do not store or restore file name or mod time",
" -N, --name Store or restore file name and mod time",
" -O --oneblock Do not split into smaller blocks for -11",
......@@ -4013,11 +4014,11 @@ local char *longopts[][2] = {
{"LZW", "Z"}, {"ascii", "a"}, {"best", "9"}, {"bits", "Z"},
{"blocksize", "b"}, {"decompress", "d"}, {"fast", "1"}, {"first", "F"},
{"force", "f"}, {"help", "h"}, {"independent", "i"}, {"iterations", "I"},
{"keep", "k"}, {"license", "L"}, {"list", "l"}, {"maxsplits", "M"},
{"keep", "k"}, {"license", "L"}, {"list", "l"}, {"maxsplits", "J"},
{"name", "N"}, {"no-name", "n"}, {"no-time", "m"}, {"oneblock", "O"},
{"processes", "p"}, {"quiet", "q"}, {"recursive", "r"}, {"rsyncable", "R"},
{"silent", "q"}, {"stdout", "c"}, {"suffix", "S"}, {"test", "t"},
{"to-stdout", "c"}, {"uncompress", "d"}, {"verbose", "v"},
{"time", "M"}, {"to-stdout", "c"}, {"uncompress", "d"}, {"verbose", "v"},
{"version", "V"}, {"zip", "K"}, {"zlib", "z"}};
#define NLOPTS (sizeof(longopts) / (sizeof(char *) << 1))
......@@ -4111,6 +4112,7 @@ local int option(char *arg)
case 'F': g.zopts.blocksplittinglast = 1; break;
case 'I': get = 4; break;
case 'J': get = 5; break;
case 'K': g.form = 2; g.sufx = ".zip"; break;
case 'L':
fputs(VERSION, stderr);
......@@ -4119,7 +4121,7 @@ local int option(char *arg)
fputs("No warranty is provided or implied.\n", stderr);
case 'M': get = 5; break;
case 'M': g.headis |= 0xa; break;
case 'N': g.headis = 0xf; break;
case 'O': g.zopts.blocksplitting = 0; break;
case 'R': g.rsync = 1; break;
......@@ -4161,7 +4163,7 @@ local int option(char *arg)
return 0;
/* process option parameter for -b, -p, -S, -I, or -M */
/* process option parameter for -b, -p, -S, -I, or -J */
if (get) {
size_t n;
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