Commit e223c895 authored by Mark Adler's avatar Mark Adler

Add zlib version for verbose version option.

The consistency of block sync markers depends on zlib 1.2.6 or
later. pigz -vV will display the zlib version linked with pigz.
parent 374d167d
......@@ -3990,7 +3990,11 @@ local int option(char *arg)
case 'R': g.rsync = 1; break;
case 'S': get = 3; break;
case 'T': g.headis &= ~0xa; break;
case 'V': fputs(VERSION, stderr); exit(0);
case 'V':
fputs(VERSION, stderr);
if (g.verbosity > 1)
fprintf(stderr, "zlib %s\n", zlibVersion());
case 'Z':
throw(EINVAL, "invalid option: LZW output not supported: %s",
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