Commit 6fda8570 authored by Mark Adler's avatar Mark Adler

Use -m instead of -T for --no-time, for gzip compatibility.

Apparently gzip has supported -m all along to not include the
modify time, but it wasn't in the command help list. This commit
adds -m as an alias for --no-time. -T is retained as an alias for
--no-time for backwards compatibility with previous versions of
parent 3369676b
......@@ -3913,6 +3913,7 @@ local char *helptext[] = {
" -K, --zip Compress to PKWare zip (.zip) single entry format",
" -l, --list List the contents of the compressed input",
" -L, --license Display the pigz license and quit",
" -m, --no-time Do not store or restore mod time in/from header",
" -M, --maxsplits n Maximum number of split blocks for -11",
" -n, --no-name Do not store or restore file name in/from header",
" -N, --name Store/restore file name and mod time in/from header",
......@@ -3926,7 +3927,6 @@ local char *helptext[] = {
" -R, --rsyncable Input-determined block locations for rsync",
" -S, --suffix .sss Use suffix .sss instead of .gz (for compression)",
" -t, --test Test the integrity of the compressed input",
" -T, --no-time Do not store or restore mod time in/from header",
" -v, --verbose Provide more verbose output (-vv to debug)",
......@@ -4012,7 +4012,7 @@ local char *longopts[][2] = {
{"blocksize", "b"}, {"decompress", "d"}, {"fast", "1"}, {"first", "F"},
{"force", "f"}, {"help", "h"}, {"independent", "i"}, {"iterations", "I"},
{"keep", "k"}, {"license", "L"}, {"list", "l"}, {"maxsplits", "M"},
{"name", "N"}, {"no-name", "n"}, {"no-time", "T"}, {"oneblock", "O"},
{"name", "N"}, {"no-name", "n"}, {"no-time", "m"}, {"oneblock", "O"},
{"processes", "p"}, {"quiet", "q"}, {"recursive", "r"}, {"rsyncable", "R"},
{"silent", "q"}, {"stdout", "c"}, {"suffix", "S"}, {"test", "t"},
{"to-stdout", "c"}, {"uncompress", "d"}, {"verbose", "v"},
......@@ -4122,7 +4122,7 @@ local int option(char *arg)
case 'O': g.zopts.blocksplitting = 0; break;
case 'R': g.rsync = 1; break;
case 'S': get = 3; break;
case 'T': g.headis &= ~0xa; break;
/* -T defined below as an alternative for -m */
case 'V':
fputs(VERSION, stderr);
if (g.verbosity > 1)
......@@ -4143,6 +4143,8 @@ local int option(char *arg)
case 'k': g.keep = 1; break;
case 'l': g.list = 1; break;
case 'n': g.headis &= ~5; break;
case 'T':
case 'm': g.headis &= ~0xa; break;
case 'p': get = 2; break;
case 'q': g.verbosity = 0; break;
case 'r': g.recurse = 1; break;
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