Commit 57864e60 authored by Mark Adler's avatar Mark Adler

Add --lzw option (not supported) for gzip compatibility.

parent b505e4eb
......@@ -4076,7 +4076,7 @@ local void defaults(void) {
// Long options conversion to short options.
local char *longopts[][2] = {
{"LZW", "Z"}, {"ascii", "a"}, {"best", "9"}, {"bits", "Z"},
{"LZW", "Z"}, {"lzw", "Z"}, {"ascii", "a"}, {"best", "9"}, {"bits", "Z"},
{"blocksize", "b"}, {"decompress", "d"}, {"fast", "1"}, {"force", "f"},
#ifndef NOZOPFLI
{"first", "F"}, {"iterations", "I"}, {"maxsplits", "J"}, {"oneblock", "O"},
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