Commit 879e25ad authored by Daniel Lenski's avatar Daniel Lenski

catch 'Valid client certificate is required' as EPERM

Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel Lenski <>
parent a2dadc19
......@@ -305,7 +305,8 @@ out:
|| !strcmp(err, "GlobalProtect portal does not exist")) {
vpn_progress(vpninfo, PRG_DEBUG, "%s\n", err);
result = -EEXIST;
} else if (!strcmp(err, "Invalid authentication cookie")) {
} else if (!strcmp(err, "Invalid authentication cookie")
|| !strcmp(err, "Valid client certificate is required")) {
vpn_progress(vpninfo, PRG_ERR, "%s\n", err);
result = -EPERM;
} else {
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