Commit 859b76a9 authored by Daniel Lenski's avatar Daniel Lenski

changelog: more updates since v8.10

Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel Lenski <>
parent a73b653b
......@@ -25,6 +25,11 @@
<li>Incomplete, speculative support for GlobalProtect IPv6 (<a href="">!155</a>; previous work in <a href="">d6db0ec</a>)</li>
<li>SIGUSR1 causes OpenConnect to log detailed connection information and statistics (<a href="">!154</a>)</li>
<li>Allow <tt>--servercert</tt> to be specified multiple times in order to accept server certificates matching more than one possible fingerprint (<a href="">!162</a>, <a href="">#25</a>)</li>
<li>Add insecure debugging build mode for developers (<a href="">!112</a>)</li>
<li>Demangle default routes sent as split routes by GlobalProtect (<a href="">!118</a>)</li>
<li>Improve GlobalProtect login argument decoding (<a href="">!143</a>)</li>)
<li>Add detection of authentication expiration date, intended to allow front-ends to cache and reuse authentication cookies/sessions (<a href="">!156</a>)</li>
<li>Small bug fixes and clarification of many logging messages.</li>
<li><b><a href="">OpenConnect v8.10</a></b>
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