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Link directly to Nikos' server web site

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......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ CONV = "$(srcdir)/"
FTR_PAGES = csd.html features.html gui.html nonroot.html
START_PAGES = building.html connecting.html manual.html vpnc-script.html
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TOPLEVEL_PAGES = contribute.html mail.html technical.html server.html
TOPLEVEL_PAGES = contribute.html mail.html technical.html
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<MENU topic="Mailing List / Help" link="VAR_ORIGINmail.html" mode="VAR_SEL_MAIL" />
<MENU topic="Contribute" link="VAR_ORIGINcontribute.html" mode="VAR_SEL_CONTRIBUTE" />
<MENU topic="Technical stuff" link="VAR_ORIGINtechnical.html" mode="VAR_SEL_TECHNICAL" />
<MENU topic="VPN Server" link="VAR_ORIGINserver.html" mode="VAR_SEL_SERVER" />
<MENU topic="VPN Server" link="" mode="VAR_SEL_SERVER" />
<MENU topic="OpenConnect VPN client" link="" mode="text" />
<VAR match="VAR_ORIGIN" replace="" />
<VAR match="VAR_CVSID" replace=""/>
<INCLUDE file="inc/header.tmpl" />
<VAR match="VAR_SEL_SERVER" replace="selected" />
<PARSE file="menu1.xml" />
<INCLUDE file="inc/content.tmpl" />
<h2>OpenConnect VPN Server</h2>
OpenConnect VPN server (ocserv), is a server implementing the AnyConnect
protocol and is compatible with the OpenConnect VPN client.
<li>Supports both TCP and UDP VPN tunnels using TLS and Datagram TLS.</li>
<li>Support for the server key being stored in TPM, a hardware security module (HSM), or
even smart card.</li>
<li>Authentication using PAM (username-password), certificates or both.</li>
<li>Privilege separation between the main process and the VPN
<li>Registers VPN leases to UTMP and WTMP files.</li>
<li>Persistent storage of cookies, to allow a seamless server
<h2>Latest sources</h2>
<p>The latest source code is available from the git repository at:</p>
<ul><li><tt>git://</tt><br/>or browseable in gitweb at:</li>
<li><a href=""></a></li></ul>
<INCLUDE file="inc/footer.tmpl" />
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