Commit 0e6f0ad3 authored by David Woodhouse's avatar David Woodhouse

Android: Build GnuTLS from git

This is fairly icky; I don't know how we're supposed to get the pkgconfig
Libs.private in our build, so I'm overriding $(GNUTLS_LIBS) manually.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Woodhouse <>
parent 8f45fb52
......@@ -174,18 +174,27 @@ nettle: $(NETTLE_DEPS)
# Build GnuTLS
GNUTLS_VER := 3.1.9
#GNUTLS_VER := 3.1.9
GNUTLS_DIR := gnutls
curl$@ -o $@.tmp && mv $@.tmp $@
$(GNUTLS_DIR)/configure: gnutls-$(GNUTLS_VER).tar.xz
xz -d < $< | tar xf -
touch $@
#$(GNUTLS_DIR)/configure: gnutls-$(GNUTLS_VER).tar.xz
# xz -d < $< | tar xf -
# touch $@
git clone --reference /home/dwmw2/git/gnutls git://
$(GNUTLS_DIR)/configure: $(GNUTLS_DIR)/
rm tests/suite/mini-eagain2.c
touch Changelog
cd $(GNUTLS_DIR) && autoreconf -fvi
$(GNUTLS_DIR)/Makefile: $(GNUTLS_DIR)/configure $(NETTLE_DEPS)
cd gnutls-$(GNUTLS_VER) && ./configure $(CONFIGURE_ARGS) --disable-cxx
cd $(GNUTLS_DIR) && ./configure $(CONFIGURE_ARGS) --disable-threads \
--disable-doc --disable-openssl-compatibility --disable-cxx
$(GNUTLS_DIR)/lib/ $(GNUTLS_DIR)/Makefile
......@@ -203,10 +212,11 @@ gnutls: $(GNUTLS_DEPS)
# Build OpenConnect for Android
ocbuild/Makefile: $(OPENSSL_DEPS) $(LIBXML_DEPS)
ocbuild/Makefile: $(GNUTLS_DEPS) $(LIBXML_DEPS) ../configure
mkdir -p ocbuild
cd ocbuild && ../../configure $(CONFIGURE_ARGS) \
GNUTLS_LIBS="$(shell PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR=$(OC_SYSROOT)/lib/pkgconfig pkg-config --static --libs gnutls)"
openconnect: ocbuild/Makefile
make -C ocbuild
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