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    Bug 1397990 - Run clang-format 4.0, r=me · 150100f4
    Martin Thomson authored
    These files were being reformatted by clang-format 4.0.  If you make this
    change, then both 3.9 (in CI) and 4.0 are happy with the result.  I don't plan
    to do this often, but it is a huge help.
    Note that the PK11 ECDSA tests are an odd duck, I have more on that coming.
    branch : NSS_TLS13_DRAFT19_BRANCH
    extra : rebase_source : 1b7988bd74250b1c29d914eda2984ad23b59b71b
    extra : source : 3b60e6e6483cf0393d4749c7d159f2fefb7a8d57
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