Commit f426f00f authored by J.C. Jones's avatar J.C. Jones

Bug 1488967 - Move tls-interop back to mozilla/tls-interop from fork r=mt

The tests/interop/ script is using a forked repository of tls-interop,
which is merging back into the mainline. Going forward, we should use the
mainline repo.

extra : rebase_source : 149f33990b98aca8139ae98aba73f33349a10fd5
extra : amend_source : 06154df2c56197ceed33b9b95f1aab68656b35b6
parent 4025271b
......@@ -24,8 +24,8 @@ interop_init()
cd "${HOSTDIR}/interop"
if [ ! -d "$INTEROP" ]; then
git clone -q "$INTEROP"
git -C "$INTEROP" checkout -q a4878c30db639053fc4f08573d3ae6cbd3cf1d6f
git clone -q "$INTEROP"
git -C "$INTEROP" checkout -q 8348561ae922bb21ecc1415dba15ca68bb5d18a2
INTEROP=$(cd "$INTEROP";pwd -P)
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