Commit d117a36c authored by Kai Engert's avatar Kai Engert

Bug 1366757, Automate the NSPR version requirement when creating NSS release archives, r=franziskus

parent f9c8cf77
# The first line of this file must contain the human readable NSPR
# version number, which is the minimum required version of NSPR
# that is supported by this version of NSS.
# This information is used by release automation,
# when creating an NSS source archive.
# All other lines in this file are ignored.
......@@ -171,11 +171,13 @@ def set_4_digit_release_number():
set_all_lib_versions(version, major, minor, patch, build)
def create_nss_release_archive():
ensure_arguments_after_action(4, "nss_release_version nss_hg_release_tag nspr_release_version path_to_stage_directory")
ensure_arguments_after_action(3, "nss_release_version nss_hg_release_tag path_to_stage_directory")
nssrel = args[1].strip() #e.g. 3.19.3
nssreltag = args[2].strip() #e.g. NSS_3_19_3_RTM
nsprrel = args[3].strip() #e.g. 4.10.8
stagedir = args[4].strip() #e.g. ../stage
stagedir = args[3].strip() #e.g. ../stage
with open('automation/release/nspr-version.txt') as nspr_version_file:
nsprrel = next(nspr_version_file).strip()
nspr_tar = "nspr-" + nsprrel + ".tar.gz"
nsprtar_with_path= stagedir + "/v" + nsprrel + "/src/" + nspr_tar
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