Commit b48f0086 authored by Kevin Jacobs's avatar Kevin Jacobs

Bug 1540652 - softoken/sdb.c: Logically dead code, r=keeler

Test Plan:

Reviewers: keeler

Reviewed By: keeler

Subscribers: mt

Bug #: 1540652

Differential Revision:

extra : rebase_source : c72a1034449add462856d5ab19140059560b631f
parent c8a614fe
......@@ -899,10 +899,8 @@ sdb_GetAttributeValueNoLock(SDB *sdb, CK_OBJECT_HANDLE object_id,
columns = newColumns;
if (!columns) {
goto loser;
char *statement = sqlite3_mprintf("SELECT DISTINCT %s FROM %s where id=$ID LIMIT 1;",
columns, table);
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