Commit 9634d0d6 authored by Kai Engert's avatar Kai Engert

Bug 1214390, Build NSS gtests by default, adjust README file, r=martin.thomson, DONTBUILD

parent 178a5a38
......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@ GTest-based Unit Tests
This directory contains GTest-based unit tests for NSS libssl.
These aren't built by default, because they require C++.
To build them, set ``NSS_BUILD_GTESTS=1''
If your environment doesn't have C++ compiler suitable to build these tests,
you may disable them using ``NSS_DISABLE_GTESTS=1''
Once built, they are run as part of running ``test/''
You can run just the GTests by running ``tests/ssl_gtests/''
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