Commit 770f5000 authored by J.C. Jones's avatar J.C. Jones

Bug 1364469 - Remove dead state check, r=franziskus

Summary: This change fixes dead code caught by Coverity after bug 1342137.

Reviewers: franziskus

Reviewed By: franziskus

Differential Revision:

extra : amend_source : ae2ea9a312d180cc9be5fe9306330cc90347d7f5
parent f367b94c
......@@ -430,8 +430,6 @@ ParseRFC1485AVA(PLArenaPool* arena, const char** pbp, const char* endptr)
goto loser;
a = CERT_CreateAVAFromRaw(arena, &derOid, &derVal);
} else {
if (kind == SEC_OID_UNKNOWN && !isDottedOid)
goto loser;
if (kind == SEC_OID_AVA_COUNTRY_NAME && valLen != 2)
goto loser;
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