Commit 63d4c96a authored by Kai Engert's avatar Kai Engert

Document the change made to sslt.h in 1343036 as a permissible ABI change.

parent 84404a26
Functions changes summary: 0 Removed, 1 Changed, 0 Added function
Variables changes summary: 0 Removed, 0 Changed, 0 Added variable
1 function with some indirect sub-type change:
[C]'function SECStatus SSL_GetPreliminaryChannelInfo(SSLPreliminaryChannelInfo*, PRUintn)' at sslinfo.c:115:1 has some indirect sub-type changes:
parameter 1 of type 'SSLPreliminaryChannelInfo*' has sub-type changes:
in pointed to type 'typedef SSLPreliminaryChannelInfo' at sslt.h:318:1:
underlying type 'struct SSLPreliminaryChannelInfoStr' at sslt.h:287:1 changed:
type size changed from 128 to 160 bits
1 data member insertion:
'PRUint32 SSLPreliminaryChannelInfoStr::maxEarlyDataSize', at offset 128 (in bits) at sslt.h:314:1
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