Commit 5501ec01 authored by Dustin J. Mitchell's avatar Dustin J. Mitchell

Bug 1525946 - update .taskcluster.yml to modern standards, r=tomprince

Summary: Bug 1525946 - update .taskcluster.yml to modern standards

Reviewers: tomprince

Reviewed By: tomprince

Bug #: 1525946

Differential Revision:

extra : histedit_source : 2e408072d076922a502b2fca7f063d8fa6cc7289
parent b5e7147a
version: 0
name: "NSS Continuous Integration"
description: "The Taskcluster task graph for the NSS tree"
owner: ""
source: {{{source}}}
# Note the below scopes are insecure however these get overriden on the server
# side to whatever scopes are set by mozilla-taskcluster.
- queue:*
- docker-worker:*
- scheduler:*
# Available mustache parameters (see the mozilla-taskcluster source):
# - owner: push user (email address)
# - source: URL of this YAML file
# - url: repository URL
# - project: alias for the destination repository (basename of
# the repo url)
# - level: SCM level of the destination repository
# (1 = try, 3 = core)
# - revision: (short) hg revision of the head of the push
# - revision_hash: (long) hg revision of the head of the push
# - comment: comment of the push
# - pushlog_id: id in the pushlog table of the repository
# and functions:
# - as_slugid: convert a label into a slugId
# - from_now: generate a timestamp at a fixed offset from now
# This file is rendered via JSON-e in a hook with context:
# {
# tasks_for: 'hg-push',
# push: {owner, pushlog_id, pushdate},
# repository: {url, project, level},
# now,
# ownTaskId: // taskId of the task that will be created
# }
version: 1
- taskId: '{{#as_slugid}}decision task{{/as_slugid}}'
reruns: 3
created: '{{now}}'
deadline: '{{#from_now}}1 day{{/from_now}}'
expires: '{{#from_now}}14 days{{/from_now}}'
- $let:
# sometimes the push user is just `ffxbld` or the like, but we want an email-like field..
ownerEmail: {$if: '"@" in push.owner', then: '${push.owner}', else: '${push.owner}'}
# ensure there's no trailing `/` on the repo URL
repoUrl: {$if: 'repository.url[-1] == "/"', then: {$eval: 'repository.url[:-1]'}, else: {$eval: 'repository.url'}}
taskId: '${ownTaskId}'
taskGroupId: '${ownTaskId}'
schedulerId: 'gecko-level-nss'
created: {$fromNow: ''}
deadline: {$fromNow: '1 day'}
expires: {$fromNow: '14 days'}
source: {{{source}}}
source: "${repository.url}"
name: "NSS Decision Task"
description: |
The task that creates all of the other tasks in the task graph
......@@ -49,24 +32,26 @@ tasks:
workerType: "hg-worker"
provisionerId: "aws-provisioner-v1"
- 'assume:repo:${repoUrl[8:]}:branch:default'
- '${ownerEmail}.*'
createdForUser: {{owner}}
createdForUser: "${ownerEmail}"
- "tc-treeherder-stage.v2.{{project}}.{{revision}}.{{pushlog_id}}"
- "tc-treeherder.v2.{{project}}.{{revision}}.{{pushlog_id}}"
- "tc-treeherder-stage.v2.${repository.project}.${push.revision}.${push.pushlog_id}"
- "tc-treeherder.v2.${repository.project}.${push.revision}.${push.pushlog_id}"
image: nssdev/nss-decision:0.0.2
image: djmitche/nss-decision:0.0.3 # TODO: nssdev, not djmitche, once the image is pushed there
TC_OWNER: {{owner}}
TC_SOURCE: {{{source}}}
TC_PROJECT: {{project}}
TC_COMMENT: '{{comment}}'
NSS_PUSHLOG_ID: '{{pushlog_id}}'
NSS_HEAD_REVISION: '{{revision}}'
TC_OWNER: "${push.owner}"
TC_SOURCE: "${repository.url}"
TC_PROJECT: ${repository.project}
NSS_PUSHLOG_ID: '${push.pushlog_id}'
NSS_HEAD_REPOSITORY: '${repository.url}'
NSS_HEAD_REVISION: '${push.revision}'
maxRunTime: 1800
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