Commit 5438617e authored by Martin Thomson's avatar Martin Thomson

Bug 1603027 - clang-format, a=bustage

parent 346ca6f9
......@@ -316,9 +316,8 @@ TEST_P(TlsConnectTls13, ConnectEsniHrr) {
MakeTlsFilter<TlsExtensionCapture>(client_, ssl_server_name_xtn, true);
auto efilter =
MakeTlsFilter<TlsExtensionCapture>(client_, ssl_tls13_encrypted_sni_xtn);
auto efilter2 =
MakeTlsFilter<TlsExtensionCapture>(client_, ssl_tls13_encrypted_sni_xtn, true);
auto efilter2 = MakeTlsFilter<TlsExtensionCapture>(
client_, ssl_tls13_encrypted_sni_xtn, true);
ChainedPacketFilterInit({filter, filter2, efilter, efilter2})));
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