Commit 4563164a authored by Daiki Ueno's avatar Daiki Ueno

Bug 1365193, crmftest: fix memleaks spotted by coverity, r=kaie

parent bd792733
......@@ -1261,11 +1261,13 @@ DoChallengeResponse(SECKEYPrivateKey *privKey,
return 908;
keyID = PK11_MakeIDFromPubKey(publicValue);
SECITEM_FreeItem(publicValue, PR_TRUE);
if (keyID == NULL) {
printf("Could not make the keyID from the public value\n");
return 909;
foundPrivKey = PK11_FindKeyByKeyID(privKey->pkcs11Slot, keyID, &pwdata);
if (foundPrivKey == NULL) {
printf("Could not find the private key corresponding to the public"
" value.\n");
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