Commit 0504c398 authored by Giulio Benetti's avatar Giulio Benetti

Bug 1606025 - Remove -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning in sslsnce.c r=jcj

(Amended by jcj to also set privKeyCopy to NULL)

extra : amend_source : 260662724fc9786c34b0b4550e77750744e02627
parent e4d2e931
......@@ -1779,8 +1779,8 @@ ssl_GetSelfEncryptKeyPair(SECKEYPublicKey **pubKey,
return SECFailure;
SECKEYPublicKey *pubKeyCopy;
SECKEYPrivateKey *privKeyCopy;
SECKEYPublicKey *pubKeyCopy = NULL;
SECKEYPrivateKey *privKeyCopy = NULL;
PRBool noKey = PR_FALSE;
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