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    Bug 1379273 - make softoken resettable via PK11_ResetToken r=franziskus,ttaubert · 2c66d718
    David Keeler authored
    Two issues prevented PK11_ResetToken from working properly:
    1. The backing DB tables would be dropped and never recreated, preventing
    future operations from working.
    2. The needLogin property of the SFTKSlot would not be updated properly,
    preventing PK11_InitPin (and thus other operations) from succeeding.
    Reviewers: ttaubert, franziskus
    Reviewed By: ttaubert, franziskus
    Differential Revision: https://nss-review.dev.mozaws.net/D382
    rename : gtests/util_gtest/Makefile => gtests/softoken_gtest/Makefile
    rename : gtests/util_gtest/manifest.mn => gtests/softoken_gtest/manifest.mn
    rename : gtests/common/gtests.cc => gtests/softoken_gtest/softoken_gtest.cc
    rename : gtests/util_gtest/util_gtest.gyp => gtests/softoken_gtest/softoken_gtest.gyp
    extra : rebase_source : 93a0da1ae8544462d6836b4da3a7490ed4c8c36d
    extra : histedit_source : 32ada4bb767cb840df79dfef051b6151b5d5e10d