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    Bug 1578626 - Remove undefined nullptr decrement, r=keeler · 1d2fd6c9
    Martin Thomson authored
    This uses uintptr_t to avoid the worst.  It still looks terrible and might trip
    static analysis warnings, but the reinterpret_cast should hide that.
    This assumes that sizeof(uintptr_t) == sizeof(void*), so I've added an assertion
    so that we'll at least fail the test on those systems.  (We could use
    GTEST_SKIP instead, but we don't have that in the version of gtest that we use.)
    Reviewers: keeler
    Tags: #secure-revision
    Bug #: 1578626
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D44937
    extra : rebase_source : a5719e3e11fbed46661e9bf22c5e7215da702f6b