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    Bug 1485533 - Close gaps in taskcluster SSL testing. r=mt · 939f0611
    Kevin Jacobs authored
    This patch increases SSL testing on taskcluster, specifically, running an additional 395 tests on each SSL cycle (more for FIPS targets), and adding a new 'stress' cycle.
    Notable changes:
    1) This patch removes SSL stress tests from the default `NSS_SSL_RUN` list in all.sh and ssl.sh. If stress tests are needed, this variable must be set to include.
    2) The "normal_normal" case is added to `NSS_SSL_TESTS` for all targets. FIPS targets also run "normal_fips", "fips_normal", and "fips_fips".
    3) `--enable-libpkix` is now set for all taskcluster "build.sh" builds in order to support a number of OCSP tests that were previously not run.
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D43283
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