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    Bug 1385203 - Use sslBuffer for encoding more widely, r=ekr · a9aee608
    Martin Thomson authored
    This removes ssl3_Append[Number]ToItem and switches more places to using
    buffers.  The advantage with that, aside from a consistent interface, is that
    encoding using sslBuffer is length checked.  A new field is added to the struct
    so that it can be used for encoding directly onto the stack rather than relying
    on reallocation when the space limit is reached.
    New macros are added so that the internals of sslBuffer aren't accessed
    directly.  Not all instances of these accesses have been fixed.
    Differential Revision: https://nss-review.dev.mozaws.net/D390
    branch : NSS_TLS13_DRAFT19_BRANCH
    extra : rebase_source : 60595ab46e30d80dc8bd13a341053edd5cd907b6
    extra : amend_source : 25edd67ac2d8bda91a4f927c8671cabd257ccba7
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