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    Bug 1334054 - fix CERT_FormatName output buffer length calculation r=franziskus · 22691690
    David Keeler authored
    Before this patch, CERT_FormatName attempted to account for the length of the
    additional formatting in its output buffer length, but added an insufficient
    amount (a fixed 128 bytes). This patch dynamically accounts for the additional
    space required by the formatting output (it can over-account in some cases, but
    this is unlikely to be a performance concern compared to the original
    Reviewers: franziskus
    Differential Revision: https://nss-review.dev.mozaws.net/D307
    rename : gtests/der_gtest/Makefile => gtests/certhigh_gtest/Makefile
    rename : gtests/der_gtest/der_gtest.gyp => gtests/certhigh_gtest/certhigh_gtest.gyp
    rename : gtests/der_gtest/manifest.mn => gtests/certhigh_gtest/manifest.mn
    extra : rebase_source : 1fb5cbf1c77018e6d7f9f9aed0f3d9a3b33f4909
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