Commit eb06907f authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters

gl/wayland: provide a dummy global_remove function

Even if we don't care about any global objects being removed, wayland
will still error if globals are removed without a corresponding listener
set up for them.  e.g. wl_output hotplugging

Discovered by: Matthias Clasen

Part-of: <>
parent 0444cf8f
......@@ -494,7 +494,8 @@ registry_handle_global (void *data, struct wl_registry *registry,
GstGLWindowWaylandEGL *window_wayland = data;
GST_TRACE_OBJECT (window_wayland, "registry_handle_global with registry %p, "
"interface %s, version %u", registry, interface, version);
"name %" G_GUINT32_FORMAT ", interface %s, version %u", registry, name,
interface, version);
if (g_strcmp0 (interface, "wl_compositor") == 0) {
window_wayland->display.compositor =
......@@ -518,8 +519,20 @@ registry_handle_global (void *data, struct wl_registry *registry,
static void
registry_handle_global_remove (void *data, struct wl_registry *registry,
uint32_t name)
GstGLWindowWaylandEGL *window_wayland = data;
/* TODO: deal with any registry objects that may be removed */
GST_TRACE_OBJECT (window_wayland, "wl_registry %p global_remove %"
G_GUINT32_FORMAT, registry, name);
static const struct wl_registry_listener registry_listener = {
static gboolean
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