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      Merge branch 'le' into 'master' · 83adf921
      jpoutiai authored
      Add tool to set parameters for LE scanning
      This tool when run checks the rfkill status for bluetooth device, unblocks it if needed sets HCI device up and writes the necessary parameters.
      See merge request !5
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      Merge branch 'jb34800' into 'master' · e76ea947
      blam authored
      [bluez] Allow an agent to be registered to initiate a voicecall. Contributes to JB#34800
      This is the least intrusive way I can see to allow an external, non-ofono, process to initiate a call on bluez behalf.
      @slava please review my glib code carefully, as I do not regularly write any.
      See merge request !3
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      Merge branch 'modem-removal-indication-fix' into 'master' · ae5c4b2a
      hmallat authored
      Modem removal indication fix
      Two small fixes for updating indicators to the headset when a modem gets removed. 
      - ofono may not send voicecall property updates on modem removal even if the calls of course terminate; ensure the call deletion on modem removal works the same as in normal call termination
      - when a modem is removed, immediately indicate service=0, roam=0, strength=0
      Ofono code should be altogether refactored but it's best not to mix bug fixing with refactoring too much but rather do refactoring as a distinct step of its own.
      See merge request !1
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      [bluez] Update HFP indicators on network removal. Contributes to MER#1402. · 90bfab5f
      Hannu Mallat authored
      If a modem is removed, immediately indicate loss of service and signal.
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      [bluez] Send call termination indicators on modem removal. Contributes to MER#1402. · b93e7f22
      Hannu Mallat authored
      When a single call is ended the code handling voicecall property
      changes first removes the call from the calls list and then releases
      the structure. This ordering updates call indicators properly when
      update_call_status() is called from within call_free()-
      Mirrored the same behavior in modem removal when all existing calls
      are removed, to ensure call termination indicator is correctly sent.
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