Commit e1df88cb authored by Matti Lehtimäki's avatar Matti Lehtimäki

Merge branch 'jb45142' into 'master'

[wayland-protocols] Update to version 1.17.0. Contributes to JB#45142

See merge request !1
parents 16424e12 6307ea94
Name: wayland-protocols
Summary: Wayland protocols that adds functionality not available in the core protocol
Version: 1.14.0
Version: 1.17.0
Release: 1
Group: System/Libraries
License: MIT
wayland-protocols @ 9132fc86
Subproject commit c5f0f1a739aa1502d38915f1f17716b68227c300
Subproject commit 9132fc867dfdfc6def59e348f083982a6bbde953
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