Commit 27518bf0 authored by spiiroin's avatar spiiroin

[appsync] Fix condition for logging systemd service stop problems

The systemd_control_service() function returns zero on success. Due to
incorrect boolean check in appsync_stop() diagnostic failure messages are
emitted on success and failures are ignored silently.

Fix the condition so that failures are logged.
Signed-off-by: spiiroin's avatarSimo Piiroinen <>
parent 3ef00b3f
......@@ -456,7 +456,7 @@ int appsync_stop(void)
if(!systemd_control_service(data->name, SYSTEMD_STOP))
if(systemd_control_service(data->name, SYSTEMD_STOP))
log_debug("Failed to stop %s\n", data->name);
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