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    TransferDBRecord Class Reference

    The TransferDBRecord class is a simple wrapper class for TransferEngine DBus message. More...

     #include <TransferDBRecord>

    Public Types

    enum TransferDBRecordField { TransferID, TransferType, Progress, URL, ..., RestartSupported }

    Public Functions

    TransferDBRecord ()
    TransferDBRecord ( const TransferDBRecord & other )
    ~TransferDBRecord ()
    QVariant value ( int index ) const
    TransferDBRecord & operator= ( const TransferDBRecord & other )

    Static Public Members

    void registerType ()

    Detailed Description

    The TransferDBRecord class is a simple wrapper class for TransferEngine DBus message.

    This class wraps transfer method related information and is used to pass that information over the DBus to the any client who is interested in about it.

    A single instance of TransferDBRecord contains information of a one transfer record in TransferEngine database. Usually clients don't need to fill any data to this class, instead they can request a list of TransferDBRecords from the TransferEngine and access its data via value() method.

    Member Type Documentation

    enum TransferDBRecord::TransferDBRecordField

    Member Function Documentation

    TransferDBRecord::TransferDBRecord ()

    Default constructor.

    TransferDBRecord::TransferDBRecord ( const TransferDBRecord & other )

    Copy constructor. Copies the other instance to this.

    TransferDBRecord::~TransferDBRecord ()


    void TransferDBRecord::registerType () [static]

    Register TransferDBRecord and QList<TransferDBRecord> as DBus types.

    QVariant TransferDBRecord::value ( int index ) const

    Returns any of the TransferDBRecord values based on the index. As an index it's recommended to use TransferDBRecord::TransferDBRecordField enum.

    TransferDBRecord & TransferDBRecord::operator= ( const TransferDBRecord & other )

    Assign operator. other is the instance of other TransferDBRecord to copy this instance.