1. 22 Nov, 2013 1 commit
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      [transfer-engine] Ensure group notification is published with the correct preview body. · eed7c4ba
      blam authored
      MNotificationGroup::publish() sets its x-nemo-preview-body field
      using the preview body of the last added notification group. This
      means if the group is published before the notification, the
      preview body used will be that of the last published notification
      group instead of the current one.
      If the group is published after the notification instead, the
      notification will ensure the group properties are set correctly
      before the group is published.
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      [transfer-engine] Ensure notifications are shown for non-file transfers · b22fef56
      blam authored
      Allow MediaItem::ResourceName to be passed to sendNotification() when
      MediaItem::Url is empty, as it will be if an uploader is sending a
      non-file resource such as a vCard.
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