Commit feed571f authored by Marko Mattila's avatar Marko Mattila

[nemo-transfer-engine] Now title or description is actually stored to the database.

parent 5189dd00
......@@ -451,7 +451,7 @@ int DbManager::createTransferEntry(MediaItem *mediaItem)
// Create a metadata entry if user has passed any
const QString title = mediaItem->value(MediaItem::Title).toString();
const QString desc = mediaItem->value(MediaItem::Description).toString();
if (!title.isEmpty() && !desc.isEmpty()) {
if (!title.isEmpty() || !desc.isEmpty()) {
if (createMetadataEntry(rowId.toInt(), title, desc) < 0){
qWarning() << "DbManager::createTransferEntry: Failed to create metadata entry";
return -1;
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