Commit e34c9756 authored by blam's avatar blam

[transfer-engine] Remove exclamation marks from notifications and remove sync...

[transfer-engine] Remove exclamation marks from notifications and remove sync error notifications. Fixes MER#1019
parent 3f530133
......@@ -361,18 +361,17 @@ void TransferEnginePrivate::sendNotification(TransferEngineData::TransferType ty
switch (type) {
case TransferEngineData::Upload:
//: Notification for failed file upload
//% "Upload failed!"
body = qtTrId("transferengine-no-file-upload-failure");
//% "Upload failed"
body = qtTrId("transferengine-la-file_upload_failed");
case TransferEngineData::Download:
//: Notification for failed file download
//% "Download failed!"
body = qtTrId("transferengine-no-file-download-failure");
//% "Download failed"
body = qtTrId("transferengine-la-file_download_failed");
case TransferEngineData::Sync:
//: Notification for sync failure
//% "Sync failed!"
body = qtTrId("transferengine-no-sync-failure");
// no notification required
qWarning() << "TransferEnginePrivate::sendNotification: unknown state";
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