Commit 349f2a9b authored by pvuorela's avatar pvuorela

Merge branch 'low_urgency_notifications' into 'master'

[transferengine] Use low urgency to hide notification popup. Contributes to JB#51797

See merge request !21
parents 32f1029a 5635b36c
......@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ TransferEnginePrivate::TransferEnginePrivate(TransferEngine *parent):
connect(m_accountManager, SIGNAL(accountRemoved(Accounts::AccountId)), this, SLOT(enabledPluginsCheck()));
connect(m_accountManager, SIGNAL(accountUpdated(Accounts::AccountId)), this, SLOT(enabledPluginsCheck()));
// Exit safely stuff if we recieve certain signal or there are no active transfers
// Exit safely stuff if we receive certain signal or there are no active transfers
connect(TransferEngineSignalHandler::instance(), SIGNAL(exitSafely()), this, SLOT(exitSafely()));
connect(q, SIGNAL(statusChanged(int,int)), this, SLOT(exitSafely()));
......@@ -486,8 +486,7 @@ void TransferEnginePrivate::sendNotification(TransferEngineData::TransferType ty
if (!showPreview) {
if (useProgress) {
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