1. 01 Apr, 2021 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'jb53711_zone_alias_data' into 'master' · d136e845
      spiiroin authored
      Improve timezone alias data handling
      See merge request !26
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      [aliases] Improve timezone alias data handling. Fixes JB#53711 · ba3a0a40
      Simo Piiroinen authored
      "Etc/GMT+2" is a valid timezone name, it is defined in similarly named
      file under /usr/share/zoneinfo, and thus it should be possible to select
      is as the current timezone. However attempt to do so, e.g. via
        timedclient-qt5 --set-info=timezoneManual=Etc/GMT+2
      fails and timed logs warning:
        ERROR: rejecting invalid timezone: 'Iso8601/-0200'
      This happens because /usr/share/tzdata-timed/zone.alias config record
        Iso8601/-0200 Iso8601/-02:00 Iso8601/-02 Etc/GMT+2
      is processed by timed in a way that makes other names to be aliases for
      the first one - without considering whether corresponding data files
      are actually available or not. And in this case: there is no timezone
      data file for Iso8601/-0200 (but one for Etc/GMT+2 does exist).
      Rewrite the zone.alias parsing so that the first entry that exists in
      device file system is treated as timezone name and the rest as aliases.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSimo Piiroinen <simo.piiroinen@jolla.com>
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      [timed] Postpone setcap script to first boot · 1a50130e
      elros34 authored
      Capabilities will be lost if they are set during mic tar image creation
      because tar in 3.3.0 sdk is too old to preserve them and mic doesn't add
      --xattrs option. Also busybox tar used in TWRP doesn't suppport extended
      This is taken from tracker oneshot script.
  11. 25 Mar, 2020 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'systemd' into 'master' · 5b75adab
      pvuorela authored
      Use libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon
      See merge request !19
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      Use libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon · 278782fb
      PureTryOut authored
      In systemd v209, released in 2014, the various libsystemd-*
      libraries (libsystemd-journal.so, libsystemd-login.so, libsystem-daemon.so,
      libsystemd-id128.so) were merged into a single libsystemd.so library to
      reduce code duplication and avoid cyclic dependencies.
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  19. 21 Nov, 2019 4 commits
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      Merge branch 'jb47634_datetime_permissions' into 'master' · 01946ba7
      spiiroin authored
      Limit settings change to sailfish-datetime group members
      See merge request !15
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      [timed] Drop all Qt4 specific code · a14c42e5
      spiiroin authored
      Qt4 builds have not really been supported for ages, but timed code base
      is still littered with Qt4 vs Qt5 preprocessor differentiation. Also,
      some of these blocks have nothing to do with qt version, but assume
      differences elsewhere in the os based on qt version e.g. whether statefs
      or context framework should be targeted.
      Remove all code qt4 compatibility code.
      Signed-off-by: spiiroin's avatarSimo Piiroinen <simo.piiroinen@jollamobile.com>
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      [timed] Limit settings change to sailfish-datetime group. Fixes JB#47634 · 72988f99
      spiiroin authored
      All user accounts must use shared clock settings and it must be possible
      to deny secondary accounts from making system time / timezone changes.
      Shared settings are stored in /var/lib/timed/shared_settings directory.
      The directory is set up so that it is world readable, but writable only
      by members of sailfish-datetime group.
      When possible, migrate private settings from /home/nemo to the shared
      settings directory.
      If timed is running as a user that does not have permissions to change
      shared settings, deny change requests received over D-Bus without trying
      to act on them.
      Signed-off-by: spiiroin's avatarSimo Piiroinen <simo.piiroinen@jollamobile.com>
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      [timed] Initialize Timed class member variables · dbac8cbf
      spiiroin authored
      Timed class has multitude of member variables and it is extremely
      difficult tell whether all of them get initialized to sane values
      before they end up being used.
      To make things at least deterministic, initialize all member variables
      to a known value already in constructor.
      Signed-off-by: spiiroin's avatarSimo Piiroinen <simo.piiroinen@jollamobile.com>
  20. 20 Nov, 2019 1 commit
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  22. 15 Nov, 2019 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'jb47635_shared_alarms' into 'master' · 8d68882f
      spiiroin authored
      Add support for shared alarm events
      See merge request !13
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      [timed] Add support for shared alarm events. Fixes JB#47635 · 1cc6dae2
      spiiroin authored
      We need to be able to:
      - Differentiate between private and shared alarm events
      - Retain behavioral and dbus api backwards compatibility
      - Access shared events on bootup, as any user, and without
        performing interactive tasks such as unlocking encrypted home
      - Maintain uniqueness of cookies regardless of which user is
        considered as the active one
      Add "Shared" event flag that can be modified via timed D-Bus
      All already existing alarm events - or new ones created without
      setting the shared flag - will behave just as before.
      Shared event data is stored (outside possibly encrypted home
      partition) under /var/lib/timed/shared_events directory. The
      directory is owned by root:sailfish-alarms and has setgid bit
      set - so that files created in there inherit group from
      directory and remain readable and writable by all members of
      "sailfish-alarms" group.
      Shared events have cookie number with bit 30 set - which
      effectively puts shared and private events in separate cookie
      Caveat: Reserving one cookie bit for shared/private
      differentiation in practice cuts the number of possible cookies
      from 2 billion down to just one billion - it is assumed that
      this does not affect any users.
      Signed-off-by: spiiroin's avatarSimo Piiroinen <simo.piiroinen@jollamobile.com>
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