Commit 930fa569 authored by John Brooks's avatar John Brooks

[mcp-account-manager] Use account name for DisplayName again

The account name can change, but provider name cannot. DisplayName is
able to signal changes, while storage info is not.
parent 1f9f1240
......@@ -675,10 +675,8 @@ account_manager_uoa_get (const McpAccountStorage *storage,
if (key == NULL || !tp_strdiff (key, "DisplayName"))
AgProvider *provider = ag_manager_get_provider (self->priv->manager, ag_account_get_provider_name (account));
mcp_account_manager_set_value (am, account_name, "DisplayName",
ag_provider_get_display_name (provider));
ag_account_get_display_name (account));
handled = TRUE;
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