Commit 39f835da authored by John Brooks's avatar John Brooks

[telepathy-sasl-signon] Use default_credentials_username for fallback

Display name is meant to be user-visible and user-modifiable, it's not
suitable for using as a login name. We store
default_credentials_username for that purpose instead.
parent a5604a75
......@@ -286,10 +286,21 @@ identity_query_info_cb (SignonIdentity *identity,
ctx->username = g_strdup (signon_identity_info_get_username (info));
if (!ctx->username || !*ctx->username)
GVariant *v;
AgAccount *account = ag_account_service_get_account (ctx->service);
ctx->username = g_strdup (ag_account_get_display_name (account));
DEBUG ("No username in signon data, falling back to account display name (%s) as username", ctx->username);
AgService *old_service = ag_account_get_selected_service (account);
ag_account_select_service (account, NULL);
g_free (ctx->username);
v = ag_account_get_variant (account, "default_credentials_username", NULL);
if (v)
ctx->username = g_variant_dup_string (v, NULL);
ctx->username = NULL;
ag_account_select_service (account, old_service);
DEBUG ("No username in signon data, falling back to default_credentials_username '%s'", ctx->username);
GHashTable *params = ag_auth_data_get_parameters (ctx->auth_data);
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