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      Cleanup · 10ad7f14
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      [ssuks] Arbitrary command sections, support for spaces in Model, Model validation · 875ed8a3
      Aard authored
      - key 'commandSections' in 'var-kickstart-defaults' section in board-mappings
        now specifies a list of directories to search for additional command sections
        to include. Search algorithm is like for partitions. If the key is unset only
        the partition directory will get searched.
      - spaces in the model name will be converted to _ (underscore) whenever spaces
        don't make sense.
      - Existence of the model is now checked (and writing kickstarts for non-existant
        models needs to be forced). Generating kickstarts for model names with several
        consecutive spaces is refused.
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      Refactorize project files · 16fe343d
      Martin Kampas authored
      Every subproject "mysubproject" of type app or lib now contains three qmake
      Dependency between two projects is satisfied by calling
      include(../path/to/dependee/dependee.pri) inside dependent_dependencies.pri.
      mysubproject.pri always includes mysubproject_dependencies.pri - this way
      dependencies are gathered transitively.
      Every mysubproject.pro starts with defining TARGET and including one of the
      Settings common to both app and lib type of projects comes from
      For tests, there are derived templates inside tests directory
      Common settings similarly comes from
      Source code root is added to INCLUDEPATH and DEPENDPATH so it is possible to
      include any header file specifying ints path relatively to source code root.
      Since all the libs and apps are part of single source tree, I recommend to
      express this fact by #including ssu own headers with "" instead of <>.
        #include "libssu/ssu.h"
      Projects outside of ssu source tree will still use #include <ssu.h>
      For tests, the "tests" dir is also added to INCLUDEPATH and DEPENDPATH so the
      "tests/" path component can/should be omitted inside tests code:
        #include "testutils/process.h"
      I have removed the hardcoded build paths (buildpath.pri). It is still possible
      to keep source tree clean of build artefacts -- with shadow build:
      mkdir build && cd build && qmake ../ssu.pro -r && make
      Note that the output directories for app and lib binaries is still hardcoded
      as build/{bin,lib}.
      When gcov is to be used, simply build without the shadow build and object
      files will be placed next to source files.
      Other notes:
      I found some CONFIG settings having no effect and removed these. Namely
      CONFIG += dll - shared libs are build by default
      CONFIG -= app_bundle - Mac OS X specific
      CONFIG += console - Windows specific
      CONFIG += qtestlib - QT+=testlib should be the prefered way
      -maybe I am wrong?
      The 'unix' conditional was not used consistently. Similar issue with
      $${PREFIX}. As it is not much useful at the moment, I rather removed it.
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